Case Study

AYUSHDHARA | Year : 2016 | Volume : 3 | Issue : 5 | Page : 842-844


Bera Pabitra Kumar


Vatarakta is one type of Vatavyadhi caused due to Vata and Rakta. Here Vata and Rakta both are aggravated and vitiated by their own etiological factors and ultimately Vayu gets aggravated by vitiated Rakta. This complete process is known as Vatarakta. This disease can be compared with Gout in Modern. It is the commonest inflammatory joint disorder in which mainly small joints become swollen, tender, painful and stiff. Leech Is one of the best treatment for Vatarakta. In this Study 10 cases of Vatarakta were selected from the OPD of Shree Baba Masthnath Ayurvedic College, Haryana and treated with leech therapy. Clinical criteria for assessment of result were Sandhishula (Joint pain), Sandhishopha (joint swelling), Tvakvaivarnya (erythema), and Daha (burning sensation). Leech application without any medicine were applied to the patient. Leech was applied over the most tendered and painful site in each case for 20-25 minutes. Same procedure repeated after one week for total period of 4 weeks. By applying leech in Vatarakta significant result were obtain in Sandhishula 60.8% improvement. In Sandhishopha significant 61.5 % result were obtained. Highly significant results were obtained in Tvakvaivarnya 63.38% and Sandhidaha 66.6%. No recurrence and no complications were found during the therapy. Further study in large sample should be carried out to establish the role of said therapy in particular type of disease.

Keywords:  Vatarakta, Gout, Leech therapy, Pain.

*Corresponding Address:
Dr Bera Pabitra Kumar, Assistant Professor, Shree Baba Mastnath Ayurved College, Rohtak, Haryana, India. Email:

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