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AYUSHDHARA | Year : 2014 | Volume : 1 | Issue : 1 | Page : 7-10


Bera Pabitra Kumar1*, Kar Pulak Kanti2

*1P.G. Scholar, Department of Kayachikitsa, I.P.G.A.E.&.R at S.V.S.P. Hospital, 294/3/1 A.P.C. Road. Kolkata, India.
2Lecturer, Department of Panchakarma, J.B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Raja Dinendra Street, Kolkata, India.


The word Shirashula (headache) denotes the painful condition of the head. According to Ayurvedic text, it is a symptom as well as diseases. It is an important cardinal symptom seen in most type of Shiraroga (disease of head). Various Acharayas have been described Shiraroga and its classification in different text. In all Shiraroga except Shirakampa (tremor in head), Shirashula is a prime complaint.
The sign and symptoms of Shirashula very much correlates to that of migraine. Migraine is the second most common cause of headache, afflicts approximately fifteen percent of women and six percent of men over a one-year period.
Nasyakarma (drug administered through nasal route) is highly efficacious in all types of Shiraroga, due to the fact that Nasa (nose) is the entry gate of head. It is the best method to eliminate and alleviate the vitiated Dosha of upper portion of body. In the study Shadbindu taila was administered to both groups of patients along with some Vatakapha shamaka medicine for consecutive 21 days. After administration of this therapy, it is found that both group shows significant result. 70% patients of group A were completely cured, 20% were marked improved and 10% were mild improved and in group B 50% were completely improved and 50% were marked improved. The female and male ratio in the study is approximately 3:2. In this present study, out of 20 patients, almost all patients were improved without any side effect. In this paper, effect of Shadbindu taila nasya along with shaman medicine on Shiraroga has been discussed with statistical analysis.

Keywords:  Shiraroga Shirashula, Migraine, Nasya karma.

*Corresponding Address:
Dr. Pabitra Kumar Bera, NIRUPAMA Apartment, 100, Italgacha Road, Dum Dum, Kolkata – 700079, India.
Phone: +919674423692/ +919903306906

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