Research Article

AYUSHDHARA | Year : 2014 | Volume : 1 | Issue : 2 | Page : 23-25


Meena Rekhraj1, Rai Dinesh K2, Indumati Sharma3, Meena Narendra K4*, Parashar Rahul4

1Prof. & H.O.D, Dept. of Sharir Kriya, 2Associate professor & H.O.D, Dept. of Kaumarbhrity, 3Associate Professor, Dept. of Kayachikitsa, *4Lecturer, Dept. of Prasuti and Streeroga, 5Lecturer, Dept. of Swasthvritta. M.M.M Govt. Ay. College Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.


Childhood is an important age of human being and growth and development mainly occurs in this age. Balanced diet and well nutritional foods are necessary for growth and development. In Ayurveda this stage is called Kapha dominant period of life. In this age a child should be healthy for proper development. So this study is focused on child’s growth and development and the role of Kumar Kalyan ras and Sitopaladi churn in the management of childhood.
STUDY DESIGN: The study was single grouped, which contains 12 children selected from the O.P.D. and I.P.D of Vd. Prem Shankar Ayurveda hospital, colleges, campus, M.M.M Government Ayurved College Udaipur. For the well development and growth of a child, Kumar Kalyan ras and Sitopaladi churn drug, dosage of 1-2 gram is given twice a day with honey (Madhu) before meal. The regimen followed for a period of three months with follow up after every 15 days interval. Base line assessment was done after selection of children as per inclusion and exclusion criteria.
RESULTS: The study suggests that the oral consumption of Kumar Kalyan ras and Sitopaladi churna with honey improves digestion, immunity and general growth.

Keywords:  Childhood, Growth, Development, Immunity, Kumar Kalyan ras, Sitopaladi churna.

*Corresponding Address:
Dr. Meena Narendra K, Lecturer, Dept. of Prasuti & Streeroga, M.M Govt. Ay. College Udaipur Rajasthan, India. Ph: +919950129673

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