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AYUSHDHARA | Year : 2016 | Volume : 3 | Issue : 3 | Page : 680-683


Amruta S. Dandekar*, Amit R. Jagtap


Background: Grudhrasi (Sciatica) is one of the eighty Vatavyadhi mentioned in Ayurvedic Samhitas, which is caused by aggravated Vatadosha. This is characterized by Ruja (pain) in the waist, back, thigh, knee and calf regions along the course of Sciatic nerve. There are many treatment modalities available in Ayurveda and Modern medical science. They have some or the other shortcomings and drawbacks.
Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of Bhujangasana with Katibasti over only Katibasti.
Materials and Methods: It is a randomized open interventional parallel efficacy drug trial. A total number of 40 patients were selected from OPD. All the patients were having classical presentation of Grudhrasi and SLR test positive between 300 and 700. The selected were randomly divided in to two groups, namely, Group A (study group n = 20) and Group B (control group n = 20). Group A was given Bhujangasana with Katibasti and Group B was given Katibasti only. The data were collected and observations were made before the treatment, on 8th day, 15th day and on 22nd day of the treatment. The data obtained from the result were subjected for statistical analysis and conclusions were drawn.
Results: In Group A, 85% patients were totally relieved of pain and 15% patients were reported to have moderate pain. In Group B, 55% patients reported total relief from pain and 25% had mild pain. In 90% cases SLR became negative in Group A, whereas in Group B 75% patients reported negative result in SLR test.
Conclusion: Analysis of overall effect of treatment in the present study reveals that Bhujangasana with Katibasti was statistically significant compared to that of Katibasti.

Keywords:  Sciatica, Grudhrasi, Bhujangasana, Katibasti, SLR test.

*Corresponding Address:
Dr Amruta S. Dandekar, 1402, Oasis Heritage, Santa Gyaneshwar Path, Panchpakhadi, Thane (w) 400601, Maharashtra. Contact: 9869224916/ 9987382236

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