Review Article

AYUSHDHARA | Year : 2016 | Volume : 3 | Issue : 5 | Page : 827-830


Dhimdhime R.S*, Pawar K.B, Kodape D.T, Dhimdhime S.R, Shewale Yogesh Kashinath


Ayurveda is ancient science which is based on holistic approach of disease. It treats the patient as whole. Preliminary thought of signs and symptoms of specific disease will help to eliminate disease initially before it occurs. The knowledge of disease diagnosis and prognosis helps to select treatment regimens in order to ensure the permanent cure. To begin with firstly Vyadhiparikshan is done and then treatment is opted for. Early diagnosis of diseases helps to cure the diseases successfully without much discomfort in planning treatment. So the examination of the diseases is very important for the knowledge of vitiated Dosha, Dushya and Mala. Vaidya who has the proper knowledge about the underlying vitiated Dosha in the disease, can give proper Chikitsa to that disease. There are various methods of examination, which are explained by various Acharyas but Ashtasthan (Ashtavidha) pariksha i.e. Nadi (pulse), Mala (bowel), Mutra (urine), Jivha (tongue), Shabd (speech), Sparsh (touch), Drik (eyes), Aakriti (built) has its own importance, precisely explained by Yogratnakara. In Mutrapariksha, Yogratnakara has described Tailabindupariksha, which has its applicability in therapeutics even today, which states it’s important. Sadhyasadhyatva (prognosis) of the Vyadhis can be understood with the help of this Pariksha. In different disease conditions, due to the excretion of various excretory substances in urine the various changes occur in the properties of the urine. It can be assessed by the pattern formed by spreading drop of oil on surface of the urine with help of Tailabindupariksha. During diseases condition due to alteration of the body’s normal physiological functions and also the changes in chemical composition of urine is occurs which ultimately affects the pattern of Tailabindupariksha. With clinical application of this examination in day-to-day practice, one can do more successful Ayurvedic treatment.

Keywords:  Mutra, Pariksha, Tailabindu, Urine Formation, Yogratnakar.

*Corresponding Address:
Dr. Dhimdhime R.S, Professor and H.O.D, Dept. Kriya sharir, Govt. Ayurved College, Osmanabad. Mob: 09422370031

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