Review Article

AYUSHDHARA | Year : 2018 | Volume : 5 | Issue : 1 | Page : 1551-1554


Nicy Wilson W*, Prashasth MJ, Muralidhara


Today’s lifestyle is completely changed by all means. Our diet pattern, lifestyle and behavioural patterns are changed and are not suitable for our normal physiology of digestion of the body. For a long time, infectious diseases were the biggest killer diseases globally. But now, the trend is changing toward increased prevalence of chronic diseases with causative factors mostly related to diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda has given utmost importance to optimal dietary regimen and its variation as per the season, Agni, Prakruti, wherein Acharyas explains about the concept of Ahara Vidhi Vidhana and Ahara Visheayadhanas to be followed for being Swastha. When these are not followed, leads to imbalance in Doshas in turn leading to the manifestation of disease. Amla Pitta is such a clinical entity manifesting in the Annavaha Srotas. This is one among the commonest disorders prevalent in the society nowadays due to indulgence in causative factors like improper diets and habits, stress, spicy irritant food, oily foods, bakery products, etc., It is estimated that about 25-30% people are suffering from dyspepsia in India alone. Kashyapa Samhita, Madhava Nidana and later authors have described this disease in detail as a separate chapter wherein Bruhatrayi we get scattered references related to this disease. In Caraka Samhita, though a separate chapter has not been mentioned for Amlapitta, Acharya throughout the Samhita by his various references when complied and analysed the clear picture of the disease Amlapitta with its Nidana Panchaka can be clearly understood.

Keywords:  Amlapitta, Bruhatrayi, Caraka Samhita.

*Corresponding Address:
Dr.Nicy Wilson, PG Scholar, Dept. of PG studies in Kayachikitsa, SKAMCH & RC, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru, India.

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