Efficacy of Kajjalikodaya Malahara in Chronic Post Operative Wound


  • Jayalaxmi PhD Scholar, HOD and Associate Professor, Department of Rasa shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana, SBAMCH, Karnataka, India.




Wound, Kajjalikodaya malahara, Surgery, Vrana, Malahara.


Surgery is the choice of treatment in almost emergency conditions for saving the life of a patient. Sometimes it will leave post operative wound with continuous discharge even with conservative management rarely. Methods: A patient suffering with post operative wound with discharge since 4 yrs. on anterior lateral part of right thigh. Had undergone modern treatment with no results. On consultation, he was advised to apply Kajjalikodaya malahara (KJM) once in a day without any internal medications. Results: The results were appreciable starting from reduction in the discharge to closing the wound cavity without discharge in 60 days. Discussion: The results indicates that the Malahara Kalpana KJM (Kajjalikodaya malahara) therapeutically efficient as indicated in the classics that Asadhya (incurable) Chira varna (chronic wound) will also be relieved.


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